Mockingjay Part II review

Mockingjay Part II review

When you have a movie that goes on for four parts you usually want to see it to the end.
The question is more about whether it is just a stretched out conclusion to milk more money or a roaring finale ?

Well unfortunately this installation falls more into the first camp ..

Now that I have settled that, let me explain why ..

Hunger Games was the main vehicle that inspired a whole bunch of movies with a similar plot:

Young hero in a post apocalyptic world fighting against the establishment. Typically young, often female the protagonist inspires the rebels to rise up against the odds.

You have the divergent series, maze runner, even Jupiter Rising amongst recent offerings with a very similar idea.

So there is great expectations for the finale to this series.

The good thing is that there are ATMOSpheric action scenes to keep fans happy. Surround action is sterling in keeping with a recent show. But the action is not unlike past ones and one does get a feeling that we have seen it before.

Much like the Hobbit series was no longer fresh compared to the LOTR, the angst and strife was no longer exciting nor that appealing.

I felt the length could have been shortened and the three way love story also quite contrived.

Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress but the rest are quite wooden. So in the end one watches it to bring a decent franchise to a conclusion but there's more relief than much debate that tends to happen after a good yarn.

Decent enough for a rental and a probable buy for those following the series but hard to recommend as a standalone movie.


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