Best coffee in Sydney - Vella Nero

I used to regard Campos as the best coffee in Sydney (, and I still have a couple of bags of the good stuff in my home, but a recent jaunt Down Under has allowed me to try a new place.

Its Vella Nero, downtown, at Shop 3 / 259 Clarence Street in the CBD. I have to thank Danny for this, but it was a fortuitous event, as we just slipped into the shop near closing time and the staff were still ever so warm, allowing us to savor our java and ask questions whilst they waited for us to finish.

I have a latte, and the taste was sublime, with just enough milk flavor that did not overpower the scent and taste of coffee.

The place was warm, but it was obviously meant for the hordes which throng the place at lunch hour, and by 4pm when it closed, it was a quiet little place, which suited me fine.

Come down, gaze at the rows of pots, the slim narrow configuration of the shop, or simply steal peeks at the lovely ladies who serve you Sydney's best coffee with a smile...

Good stuff

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