Knowing – movie review

Premonition is a popular theme, which excites and can be the recipe for a decent yarn. Nicolas Cage is no stranger to this, having done “Next”, in which he has the power of foresight. This movie is pretty much like a revised version of that, with a better plot and tighter editing, almost as though someone had taken the plot of Next and shaken out all the bad parts and replaced it with a slight better story arc and acting he made the mistake of retaining Nic. You could have replaced him with a better actor and still get as much out of the show.

So a little note buried in the 50s holds the secrets to major disasters for the next 50 years. You get some suspense here, and there seems to be a predilection for end of the world type shows in the recent box office, and what you get here, is a thriller about how our world unravels.

This movie is noteworthy more for the demo scenes, such as the plane crash, where the whole HT system gets a great workout. 3.5/5 for action, 2.5/5 for the plot.

Forget chick factor, it’s in short supply as with many other aspects of the show.

This movie is still worthy of a rental, with all the action going on, but I doubt if you will give it a second spin.

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