Mall Cop

Kevin James is the kind of likeable chubby fellow who walks on to the screen and with each of his chubby steps begs us to like him. He milks every known cliché about the luckless fat guy who falls in love and wins the heart of the babe and defeats the bad guys. This is a feel good movie, so you would want everything to go to plan and it does.
A simple by the book plot is carried by good chemistry between the leads, plus the bad guys and the obnoxious actors genuinely ham it up to make you detest them, yet its all good fun. There is a body count and swear words, so its not totally kid friendly. Plot: 3/5
Chick Factor: one reasonably attractive actress 3/5
Action: some skate board, slides and physical humor, but this is no Die Hard 2.5/5
So where does this movie lie? It is funny, and a good enough diversion for a Saturday afternoon rental.



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