Terminator Salvation

With a base of Terminator fans and an almost impossible task of surpassing T2, what can this summer blockbuster movie in this yet another franchise reboot offer? The key lies in the opposite to T2 where the term “Liquid Metal” was introduced to an good effect to win a special effects Oscar, and here the key lies in the ‘human’ element, which is cleverly used to differentiate this from the previous 3 movies and other recent bit shows.

Every filmmaker in recent times has realized the reboot technique works allowing you to keep old fans happy (witness the use of “I’ll be back”) and yet allows the director to take the film into a new chapter to win new fans. But CGI and big explosions can only make a movie half decent, the additional elements of using a “who am I” theme added to flesh out the so called enemy and the effect of blurring the lines of who is your enemy makes this better than just a short action movie with lots of big bangs.

But do not get me wrong. The is a movie where you get a home theatre system demo worthy soundtrack and almost continuous action peppered with large explosions to test your subwoofer and those who crave the big screen action will not be disappointed. There is good use of live action and the additional of CGI serves to add flavor rather than become the centre theme of the show.

There are several nods to adoring fans, even to the point of using Arnie’s 3 famous words: “I’ll be back”, and other small points that fans will recognize.

Christian Bale makes a good John Connor and Sam Worthington is an excellent thespian who adds dimension to his role as a covert operative machine who has an identity crisis. Linda Hamilton even has a brief cameo as an old lady, and of course old Arnie makes a grand appearance as a terminator, although he looks a little younger and fitter than the real person.

Plot 3.5/5

Action 4/5
The chick factor in such an action boiler is limited and Moon Bloodstone (some name!) does not make the top 10 list of hot chicks 2.5/5

Would I buy/rent or forget it?

As a Terminator fan who has owned 3 different copies of T2, 3 copies of T3, I will buy this, but not only because I am a big fan, but because the new addition was enjoyable and promises a new storyline with a good cast which can carry this off well with a nice combination of CGI, action and most importantly a good yarn with a human element. It will be back…


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