This is another family orientated movie, which is played to its best by Brendan Fraser, who is the master of the Indiana Jones Lite movies, as seen from his ventures into the Mummy Franchise, Journey to the Centre of the Earth etc. he has an able supporting cast and despite the PG rating, gives adequate development to the plot, the emotions and family dynamics, even though the mother/wife does little.

A plot that reminds you of Jumanji is the basis of the story but Brendan manages to carry it off. Plot 3/5

Action: there is plenty of adventure, and it is all in good fun, with little blood, so you can bring junior to this. 3/5

Chick factor: apart from a sweet young lady who plays his daughter, there is little eye candy 2/5

I would say this is worth a rent and those with kids may even consider a purchase if junior likes it. It has elements of honor, honesty and family in it.



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