Leatherheads – movie review

George Clooney is a man identified with the cool, especially after Ocean 11, and he has successfully ventured into directing, and this is his third outing. He has picked a show about the pro football when leather instead of plastic was used to make the headgear, and he has made a movie which is delicate, yet funny and has plenty of demo worthy scenes to offer.

It’s a sports movie, a romance and a comedy, and he pulls it off with good contribution when he is in front of the camera, with good efforts by the lead actress Renee and of course the newbie Krasinski, the “Bullet”, and plenty of good enthusiasm by the supporting cast. There is the old sporting against the odds theme, plus a three way romance, and the additional pot boiler of some hidden skeletons in the closet to add spice to the show.

The result is a movie which is nostalgic, yet refreshing and the quality of the Blu Ray transfer is highly impressive, especially in the video section where, the clarity and lack of any defects make this disc a good way to show off the new Hi Def TV or projector. The sound is good too, with the jazz band well rendered, although those looking to show off the surround effects may be a little disappointed.

3.5/5 for the plot, 3/5 for action 2.5/5 for chick factor (Renee Zellwenger is no spring chick anymore)

Should you buy this, it is worth a rental at least and if you are a sports fan, and wish to own a demo worthy show, this will be a good keeper too.

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