Transporter 3 - review


The transporter series will never win an Oscar. Yet the potent mix of fast action, mixed with plenty of explosions, and beautiful women plus the dry humor of the eminently likeable Jason Statham as a retired ex military sort with an ability to kick butts is a tempting proposition.


The success of number 1 made it a commercial necessity to make the sequel, but this failed rather badly at the box office so it was brave of the production team to attempt number 3.


The usual elements which made the first 2 shine are there, and it keeps through to a simple plot which makes the movie tick and allow the action scenes and the Cory Yuen choreographed fight scenes to speak for themselves.


A razor thin plot about getting a hot chick from point A to point B whilst having a proximity fused bomb on his wrist is the how the story unfolds.


There is plenty of action, and Jason makes a good choice as an action hero laced with his dry humour which on the odd occasion, makes the wry smile plastered on a taciturn face, fashionable.


Chick factor – somehow a freckled marked new face with a lousy Georgian accent does not make it too hot, how about getting someone like Maggie Q, or Giselle Bundchen? They probably cost too much.


So should you buy this, IMO, definitely worth a rental.



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